Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Steve Harvey works on my nerves. Nothing to do with the issues between him and his ex-wife, he just works on my nerves.

There should be a Barnes & Noble's in every town. I miss hanging out there.

I'm so ready to start renovating the house.

I apparently need more roughage in my diet. : (

My husband and I need to get out more (alone).

The weather here is funky, cold and wet! I like the cold, not the wet.

My son finally got his second front tooth. It came in so very slow and the other one is kind of big. One big tooth and a space is not a good look. Welcome second front tooth, you had me worried for a minute.

I wanted to marry the guy who played Shaka Zulu when I was young. *Crickets*

I'm wondering how I can get one of the "house shows" to come and re-do my house.

I think I'm gonna grow my hair out. I've been wearing it short for about 3 years now.

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Anonymous said...

You had me at "Barnes & Noble" the town I'm in doesn't have a bookstore for 30 miles. That should give you great insight to the kinds of people that live in this town *sigh*