Friday, January 14, 2011

Up-Date This House! #1

We've been in our new (to us) house for almost 4 months now, and have made zero changes.  What's crazy about that is the first time I took a tour of the house I saw hundreds of changes I would have to make if we decided to buy. The house was built in the late 60's and it looks like the prior owner bought the current appliances in the late 70's. You know the Br.ady B.unch wall oven, wall paper on bathroom walls, and ....wait for it........paneling. The dark brown paneling in the great room has become the bane of my existence.  I don't have a problem putting in a little sweat equity so the paneling didn't scare me at first - I thought I'd just take it down and paint the walls. Well, after closer inspection, I realized there is no dry-wall behind the paneling. What the hell?!! Who does that?

Mr Angie is fine with the paneling. He says it's cozy. What?! Oh, it's cozy because he doesn't want to deal with taking it down, plus his ass is country enough to think dark brown paneling is cozy. *sigh*

Anyway, we went looking at tile for the sun room the other day at the De.pot and damn it that shit is high! Mr Angie was looking at the expensive stuff and I had moved all the way over to the damn Linoleum aisle. It's the sun room man, I'm not trynna do all that.  I know you're thinking, "But not the Linoleum, hunh?" My answer to that is yes, yes the gottdamm Linoleum. Ya'll know I ain't got no job! And Mr. was over there looking at that high ass tile, but he ain't really trying to dole out that kind of money for tile.......he likes to window shop. Not me. I like to look at the stuff I can afford, figure out how to make it mine, and move on it. Period. "Sir, can you cut me off enough of dis here Linoleum to cover 297 square feet please?" We're done.

I gotta get the sun room together first. I need at least one room to reflect me and my style. Not to mention I always wanted a sun room to sip coffee and read in. So, that's the first project on the Up-Date House Tour. I'll try to post pics of the process.

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