Sunday, December 12, 2010

I don't deep condtion my hair anymore.....

I've decided to stop reading other blogs so much. There are a few I usually read every day and as soon as I read them I'm sorry I did. Don't get me wrong their blogs are great....their lives are great. That's the problem. I feel totally inadequate and mentally challenged in comparison to these chicks. They cook, sew, direct and produce movies, go out to dinner and have drinks, deep condition their hair, know the latest fashions, work out, eat healthy, tweet, travel, down load pictures the same day they take them, and on and on.

I do not! I can't! Well wait, I can, but I can't right now, because I have a one year old baby.  I can and do cook, but it's not so enjoyable with a small person pulling on your leg and sometimes pulling your pants down (while whining). I can sew, but I have to do everything at night when the little prince is asleep - it's not happening during the daytime. I'd like to have dinner and drinks with friends, however I don't have a baby sitter and all but one of my friends were not crazy enough to have a baby at retirement age and they can go out whenever they want to. Uhh this is tuning into a rant....let me pull up.


I'm going to have to find some blogs for stay at home moms with small children. I need to see some other women with boogers and breast milk on their shirts. It's sad, but yes I need to see other women with the same struggles I'm having right now.

My little man started walking yesterday and let me tell you.....seeing him reach these milestones make all the rest of this worth it for me. His funny teeth and silly laugh keep me off the ledge. So, bye bye fashionista blogs, and blogs about fly women doing it up big. Hello to mommy doing it up small blogs.


Mandi said...

Great perspective!

Cynthia said...

Hi! I've been there and know exactly what you are talking about. My kids are grown struggles. Hang in there..."It gets better":) Always and everything. I think you're on the right track. Best Wishes. Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

LOL!! I love this post! :) Keelah via Monica Mingo

CreoleInDC said...


Imma fight you!