Saturday, April 12, 2008

Taste This

Let me cook for you.

Let me take my time, shop for fresh fruit and vegetables. Pick out the best cuts of meat. Lovingly chop seasoning. Carefully measure the perfect amount of each ingredient. Tenderly rub herbs and spices over the leanest of meats. Make the oven warm and ready. Slide my gastronomical present to you into the inviting heat. And wait...

Let me pour wine for you.

Let me remove the cork from the bottle I picked just for you. You like this wine, it's full, and heady, serious but not stoic. I hold the glass up to the light for you and swirl it gently. You watch the slow cascade of color rich in body fall around the inside of the glass. I sit before you watching as you slowly sip. I witness your appreciation of my choice of libation. I watch as the warm seductive sensation of fermented juice of grapes swims around to your tongue. And wait...

Let me feed you.

Let me sit astride your lap and nourish you from the warm aromatic feast prepared for only you. Use my fingers to bring morsels to your lips. Your appetite is sated by the essence of my skin on your food and on your tongue. You eat more than your fill. The sensations derived from licking your very sustenance from my warm hands appeases your stomach but arouses a different kind of hunger. The waiting is over..

Taste this.


Mandi said...

Alright Jill!

Tay Lin said...

OMG....(I have officially passed out on the floor, got up read that over and ...thump, I'm back on the foor again)lol