Thursday, April 17, 2008

Write About You?

I don't do blog requests. You've asked me to write about you - but I just can't.
When I try to write about someone because they've asked me to, it comes across as contrived and flat. That's why I don't do blog requests.

See, I wouldn't be able to translate the happy warm feeling I get when I talk to you.

If I tried to explain how you make me laugh until I cry, it wouldn't come out right.I can't adequately describe the way we act like 13 year olds, saying silly things and using silly voices. How we talk about people....Muzzai...The Mayor...Sour Butt...Cacklin' Hens. It' beyond explanation.

If I attempted to express how proud I am of you - it would sound too mushy. Writing about how I'm in awe of you, such a little woman with such a big spirit. Wife, mother, sister, cousin,friend and daughter. To say I don't know how your slight frame can carry so many weighty responsibilities, wouldn't be enough.

I can't assign the proper sentences to explain how you came to see me - and brought a big batch of "home" with you. After all, just saying Zatarains fried catfish, Camelia red beans, and gumbo file' don't capture the essence of the gifts you brought me.

I can't write about how your vision of me picks me up when I can't see it for myself. It's all to complicated to put into words.

So Tiny, do you see why I don't take requests?

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Anonymous said...

Well I just loves this blog..It's official this is I must say the absolute BEST blog that I have EVAH and I mean EHHH-VAHHHH read in my life! Girl I don't know who you were talking about (some Tiny person) but OMG, I just love this BLOG!!! You have peaked! It doesn't get any better than this right cha! I love it love it love it. Thank you