Thursday, June 14, 2007

Graduation and the Celie Curse

MyKiddo graduated last week. The family came up from Louisiana to witness the eldest grandchild cross the stage. Everything went off with out a hitch. My mom blessed us with gumbo, fried seafood and all the trimmings. Yummy! MyKiddo's graduation cook out was the bomb and all is well with the world.

She is off to Cancun on her senior trip - and I have the week to myself. Guess what? I miss her already. What am I going to do when she leaves for college in a few months? Hee-Hee, I'm sure I'll get over it. The upside is I can leave my sex toys out without her seeing them - and passing out. : )

Let's go back to the graduation for a moment. Her father showed up. He was late to the graduation. No surprise, he's always late. I don't have convo for him. I don't feel like I have to talk to him about anything. I'm good with hello....and hello. That's enough, and in an effort to circumvent an arrest for assault and battery I try to keep my distance. With that said - brother was all up in my grill at the graduation. Invading that personal space within inches at one point. What the hell? He did this thing where he was looking into my eyes - like he wanted to say something. Yes, directly into my eyes. Some type of hypnotize yo ass look.

He must not know bout me!

I know what that negro wanted to say. He wanted to say, "Thank you for raising our daughter so well. You did a good job - and I know I haven't been much help." However, he can not say that yet because he ain't that grown. But it's cool. I ain't mad. Well not anymore. I put a "Celie curse" on him many years ago. Those of you who are familiar with my favorite movie, The Color Purple, know what I'm talking about. "Until you do right by me everything you even think about is gonna fail." I never said it to him in person - but it seems to have worked long distance. Ha!!!!! was great being with my family. My nephews are getting so big. My niece Velvet is turning into a beautiful young lady. She's getting so tall - I can't believe it. My sister is still beautiful and crazy. That girl looks younger every time I see her. And she's thin! Yes, I am hating on her. Mommy is the same, we had to pin her down to cook - she was too busy sneaking off to the malls here every time she got a chance. She loves to shop.

All in all a good time was had by all.


West said...

Sounds almost perfect. I'm glad things went so well.

And congratulations!

Mahogany Brown said...

Awww congrats to your kiddo!!! And no words for her father. I think you hit the nail on the head for what he wanted to say.

You are CRAZY for that sex toy comment lol. My little cousin found one of mine once and went running down the hall with it screaming "Mahogany got ding-a-lings!! Mahogany got ding-a-lings!" My little brother was there so it was QUITE traumatic lol!!

West said...

My goodness, how did I forget to mention the sex toys and the Celie curse?!

Too funny. Have a great weekend.

(lol @ mahogany)

Angie said...

West, Things did go very well! I'm so releived and glad to have it over with. Man, that Celie curse is the ish - even if id doesn't work it's fun to say it. : )

Sister Mahogany, welcome to Dildo Hidders Anonymous! LOL I need to get some kind of large storage chest with a lock on it. Ha!

You know in a way I feel sorry for the Mykiddo's father. He's missed so much, and he can't ever get it back. She is a wonderful person - and he has robbed himself of knowing her in her full real self. Not the person she becomes when she talks to him or see's him. Self-conscious, trying to say the right thing, attemting to be good enough. He's missed out on "all" that is her. That familiarity can not be replaced or contrived.

His loss.

West said...

"all that is her"

That's real.

By the way, I'm not *even* gonna say anything about why you need a "large" storage chest - either to hide a bunch of different dildos (dildoes?) or one REALLY BIG frickin' dildo!


Anonymous said...

So proud of the both of you. I love you guys! As for the paw, my only question is.....Did she shave that mustache yet? HAHAHA!!

Angie said...

Uhmmm, Anonymous I know who you are and you're going to hell in a handbasket!: )