Tuesday, February 13, 2007

You can't drink alcohol, you're nursing!

Tipsy has had the baby! A beautiful baby girl. I tell you she is gorgeous! Just perfect. I went home to see her and Tipsy a couple of weekends ago. Yeah, uh - Tipsy was not handling this baby thing very well. See Tipsy and her new hubby are accustomed to gettin' it done on their own schedule and a baby shuts that shit down. You have to sleep when the baby sleeps, pee when the baby allows you to, and eat with the baby on your lap, and change diapers every 37 seconds. Well, these lessons were kicking Tipsy's ass big time. And since, she waited until we are about to turn 40 to pull this baby shit - I thought I would find a lot more humor in it. I couldn't wait to say, "Aha, aha, that's what your old ass gits! Havin' a damn baby on me!" But, I don't feel that way at all.

When I visited I tried to help out. I literally pushed her and hubby out the door, to have an afternoon alone. I gave some advice and was looked at with the evil side eye. Tipsy is very resourceful, and smart. She likes to do everything for herself, and she can usually figure things out. But this is different, no book or manual can prepare you for bi-hourly feedings, no sleep, and post-partum lunacy. Like I said I tried to help out. In the end, the answer was to get the hell out of Dodge and let her figure it out for herself. And she has.

She called me yesterday, sounding almost like her old self. She was out and about doing errands and breathing fresh baby-less air. Just what she needed. However, Now she wants to know if it will hurt the baby if she has a little something to drink.

Tipsy's back! Yippee!

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