Thursday, July 06, 2006

Can I Put My Eyes Down Yet?

July 6, 2006

Lift up your eyes. Your heavenly father waits to bless you- in inconceivable ways to make your life what you never dreamed it could be. Janette Oke

I have this flip over calendar on my desk. It has little sayings and words of wisdom on it for each day of the year. This is not something I purchased - Those who know me know I would not purchase such a thing. A close friend of mine at work gave it to me after retrieving it from her newly deceased mothers home. Yep, isn't that morbid. Anywhoo, she see's this calendar and thinks I would be best served by it's daily messages. What could I say? No thanks, I don't want your dead mom's stuff. Might I add the calendar has a picture for every day. The same picture. A picture of half dead flowers taken in bad light, at a bad angle. Okay......are you starting to see this?

I try to keep the date current and check out what the up-beat word for the day is. I'm sorely disappointed on most days. They are mostly sappy blah-blah-blah crap pooh. They do not make me feel better and I have never heard of most of the people listed as authors of the quotes. Google was no help here either - maybe their names are made up. In fact they make me feel worse. I ask myself, why don't you have that kind of faith. Why aren't you looking up for a blessing instead of thinking of a way to stay home from work and sleep. Okay, so I'm lifting my eyes. Lift, lift, lift. It's not working yet. Still contacts are drying out.

I wonder if my friends mother was reading these damned things and waiting for her "unconceivable blessings from her heavenly father" when she died.

Slowly lowering my eyes and fantasizing about a nap again.


The Kept Woman said...

If the quote at the top of this post is indicative of the rest of the calendar I feel for you. I'm sure if I were you reading those in the morning I would probably make immature gag-me gestures and feel the need to eat chocolate to make myself feel normal again.

But that's just me.

Angie said...

My co-workers look to the calendar for a morning joke as well. I just can't bear to throw it out. LOL

B.Marie said...

I like the quote! :)