Thursday, June 08, 2006

100 Things About Me

1. I'm 5'4
2. I'm 39 years old.
3. I like to crochet (can't do it until my wrist heals).
4. I love to cook, and I'm pretty good at it if I do say so myself.
5. I have a sixteen year old daughter.
6. I'm a Pisces, February 28.
7. My favorite pass time is napping. You can never have too many naps.
8. I'm working towards a degree in Social Work.
9. I love almost anything by Bobby Womack.
10. My favorite thing to eat in the whole world is seafood (catfish, shrimp, crawfish.........).
11. I can sew. (I haven't done it in a while though)
12. I like to sit outside for hours and watch the ducks play around in a pond near my apartment.
13. I have hypertension.
14. I wear contact lenses.
15. I like the Sopranos.
16. I don't have cable so I cannot watch the Sopranos.
17. I do not like to go to work.
18. I love the smell of gasoline.
19. I like fresh have vases of fresh cut flowers around my apartment.
20. I'm a Democrat.
21. I was on the dance team in high school. Our name was The Starlights. So corny.
22. I frequently get terrible headaches.
23. I saw snow for the first time when I was 37.
24. I don't like extremely warm weather.
25. I like to eat Raisinettes and popcorn together while watching movies.
26. I will not share dairy products with any one. Those little white milk streaks on the spoon make me nauseas.
27. I do not exercise as often as I should.
28. I have a Boston Terrier. Well I had one, my mother and My Kiddo have taken him away from me.
29. My dad and his wife lost everything as a result of hurricane Katrina.
30. I love getting pedicures.
31. I owned and operated a coffee shop when I lived in New Orleans.
32. I'm shy.
33. I love to hear recordings of Bob Marley speaking. I just love the sound of his voice.
34. I can't skate.
35. I bruise easily.
36. I like to curse, but I'm trying to stop.
37. I have a very weak stomach.
38. I'm a carbohydrate junkie.
39. I only like sweet wine.
40. I used to have really pretty legs. Now they are just pretty, not "really" pretty.
41. I hate math, consequently I recieved bad grades in anything relating to math, and still do.
42. My favorite job was catering.
43. My favorite birthday was when I turned 30.
44. I have one tattoo.
45. I believe in love at first sight.
46. My sister says I have a "Fred Sanford drawer filled with rose colored glasses."
47. My first dog was a German Shepheard named Buck.
48. Coffee makes my head hurt.
49. I don't like to vacuum.
50. I want another dog. A little one. Small dog, small shit.
51. I'm afraid of spiders.
52. I want to lose 50 pounds.
53. I worry about my mother dying.
54. My lips and eyes are my best assets.
55. When and if I turn 40 I'll get another tattoo. This time on my right foot.
56. I want to go to a strip club.
57. I prefer showers to baths, but I happen to take baths more than I shower.
58. I'm a peacemaker. (Translation, I hate conflict)
59. I love almost any kind of dessert.
60. I have a green thumb. Although my plants at work do better than my plants at home.
61. My favorite color is green.....but I like ecru too.
62. I like Earl Grey tea.
63. I love sheets with high thread counts.
64. I love to wear open toed shoes.
65. June is my favorite month.
66. I do not eat chitterlings, or as we say in N'awlins, chitlins.
67. I sleep in the nude most nights.
68. My daughter is an honor student. (She gets better grades than me!)
69. I won't get on the rides at amusement parks. That's just asking to die.
70. I have a birth mark underneath my chin.
71. I listen to NPR everyday.
72. I don't like the beach. (Too hot, and I don't like the way sand feels underneath my feet.)
73. My feet are always cold, especially at night, so I wear multiple socks to bed.
74. My favorite candy is M&M's with or without peanuts.
75. I'm not very good at remembering names.
76. I've recently started doing pilates.
77. I loved to read as a child.
78. My mother likes to scare little children.
79. I have had 8 cars in 21 years.
80. My feet are flat.
81. I sucked my thumb until I was 4 years old.
82. I'm worried about my family, it's hurricane season again and they are just recovering from Katrina last year.
83. I have one sister.
84. All of my grandparents are deceased.
85. I've been wanting to eat figs lately, but I can't find them anywhere.
86. I love Easton Mall in Columbus Ohio.
87. I like Earl Gray tea, with 4 sugars.
88. I like to wear cotton t-shirts around the house.
89. I have 4 pairs of slippers, but I can never find them, and end up walking barefoot.
90. I'm good at spelling.
91. I have two nephews and one niece.
92. I want to go to the Pocono's.
93. I was the only child until I was 8 years old.
94. My last name is the same as the city in which I grew up.
95. J. California Cooper is my favorite writer.
96. When I was three years old my father was shot (flesh wound, he was fine), my reaction to this was to scold him for "being in the streets".
97. I moved away from the only home I've known for almost three years ago, and I still miss it.
98. I want to be several things when I grow up. A writer, world traveler, chef and a stipper. (not necessarily in that order)
99. My birthstone is amethyst.
100. I'm fascinated by interracial relationships.

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