Monday, July 15, 2013

Sir Cuss A Lot

The chickens have come home to roost - I'm reaping what I've sown and this is some BULLSHIT! Why I can't ever keep stuff I like? Why I can't have no fun? Why is it that my joy must be wrenched from me all the time?

Here's the thing A lot. And I like it. A lot!

But at the prime cursing age of 46 I have to stop. I have to just stop cold turkey - can't do it a bit at a time. I can't slap on a UnoCussNoMo patch from the drugstore and wean myself of the urge to enhance my sentences with expletives. Why you ask?  Well, I have a three year old who apparently likes to curse too. Not a good look.

His dad does not curse as often or as colorfully as I do, so when Mason started letting them rip we knew I was the culprit. *Hangs head in shame*

I've even tried to downplay it to my hubby, saying shit like, "Man, that boy didn't say that. You trippin'. Well he has never said that in front of me. You need to stop lying on my baby........"  Well, no more. I'm busted.

Hubby's ass is out of town so we video chat with him. Last night Mason was talking to his dad and the flash suddenly went off in his eyes and he said, "Whaaaaat the fuck!?"  We "lost" the connection immediately, and when he called back I denied hearing any swear words. *Hangs head in shame again*

So now I have to give up cursing. And don't suggest I use those cutesy cuss words like "shut the front door." That won't work for me. I'd mess it up and say "shut the fucking front door."

Maybe I can I find a curser support group. Hi, I'm Angie and I like to curse.



M.O. said...

Welll I dont see what the muthafuckin problem is...if the kid likes to express himself in a colorful maner, I say let him! Thats the problem with parents today, they stifle! if its such a big deal, allow one cussing sentence a month. You would be surpirsed at the shit they come up with! Lol ...let me stop before someone thinks I'm serious. said...

You're amasing write! Have ever heard about