Friday, November 04, 2011

To Do List

I tend to lose focus on things I need to do for myself. So ever so often I need to remind myself. Here goes!

1.  Stop reading EveryBodyElses damn blog every single day.
2.  Write on your own blogs more often.
3.  Take 30 minutes for yourself EVERYDAY.
4.  Go to church.
5.  Trim your split ends.
6.  Finish Work on one of your projects.
7.  Make a date with Mr Angie (get a baby-sitter)

That's enough.


Chocolate City Native said...

And play the lottery
Wash the skid marks out of the undies
Call and check on your kin folk
And last but not least.....bust that bump! Lol!!!!

LoveThreads said...

Trim split ends! thats what I need to do! lol thanks for the reminder!