Thursday, July 22, 2010

.......and I deserve it.

The Best Teacher Ever
Long ago, when I was young and naive I wanted a knight in shining armor to come along and take me away. I wanted him to take care of me and make all that was wrong in my world right.
Needless to say, that never happened. It never does. There are no knights in shining armor. That is bullshit a fairy tale.

Not so long ago, when I was a little older and wiser, I met someone who taught me how to take care of myself and right the wrongs in my life on my own. And right around the time I began to fully understand that I'm my own knight in shining armor I met my now husband.

He is no perfect knight in shining anything. But, he is a good man and he does "good man stuff."  He treats me with love and respect. He's honest with me, and he has mine and my children's best interest at heart. He is consistent and reliable. He is loving and kind. And he sees me. After you've saved yourself who could ask for anything more?

Thanks Irma C for teaching me that I deserve it.

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