Friday, August 03, 2007

Are There Any T.C.P. Speakers In The House ?

My favorite movie in the world has crept into my everyday language? Not just me, some of my friends and family members have been dragged down the path of The Color Purple talk with me. I wonder if there are others out there?

We do it so much I sometimes forget that the dialog is from a movie.....weird hunh?

When Tipsy is trying to dissuade me from having a baby at the ripe old age of 110 like she did, she says, "Don't trade where I been Miss Celie!"

When Spunky reminds me of something I said I would do, and I no longer want to do it, I say, "Ain't no sucha thing paw!"

When MyKiddo gets close up in my face, I say, "You sho is ugleee!"

When a male friend invades my personal space without being invited, I say, "All my life I had ta fight!"

See how this works? There's more.

When my sister and I see each other at the airport and other venues after a long separation, we scream out, "Celie!.......Nettie!" (I'm Celie, she's Nettie) And then we run into each other's arms.

When MyKiddo is feeling silly, she puts her hands on both sides of my face and says, "Mamma, boonie mama......"

When my sister is aggravated about someone giving her unwanted information, she says, "Mary Agnes, ......Mary,who gives a damn!"

When indicating about to get into some type of ignorant altercation I say, "Take my cherrin home, git my chirren outta here!"

When I see a man that I think should like me and he's with another woman, I say, "She don't look nuthin' like me!"

When someone is talking mess and I just don't want to hear it I say, "Shut up you ole fool, Sophia home now!"

Best of all when I see a child acting out in public, I walk right up next to the parent, and under my breath I say, "Beat her." I love that one. It's good for when anyone is acting out. Just say, "Beat her", even if it's a man. Paaaahh! Haaaaa! Haaaa!

If you are a fan of The Color Purple you understand how fitting the above statements are. If you're not - get the movie and practice. It's good to be bilingual.


Mahogany Brown said...

I KNEW THERE WAS A REASON I LIKED YOU!!! My best friend and I are fluent in TCP lol. We argue about who's Celie and who's Nettie lol.

Why, I just told a friend of mine the other day to beat his wife LOL!!

I was also doin Makidada too a couple of days ago and laughing about the part when Celie saysL: Write!! and Nettie replies: Huh? rofl.

And I told my girlfriend she shoulda told this guy she was dating "I said 'Hell naw'" when asked her something stupid!!

And my favorite line to use for an "unsavory" woman: "Why Sug Avery alone done set the population of Hartwell County a new high" ROFL!!!

Oh I knows my TCP lol!!!

Angie said...

M. Boogie!!!!!!!!!!!!
Girl you too?? Okay, the part when Nettie says "huh?" Funny shit! But really, what made that so good was in all of the ruckus she couldn't hear - sister said, "huh?" she didn't even act like this is from a script and I know just what you just said. Nope, she said, huh? When you just got your ass kicked and dragged across the lawn you don't hear to well. LOL

SMW said...


Last night I couldn't sleep and I felt the TCP in my heart, "God is tryintatellmesomething!"


Ms. Tee

West said...

We do it all the time. Just YESTERDAY, a kid was flipping out on his/her parents at the mall or something and I said, "Beet-huh."

Too funny.

Tay Lin said...

"Mamma, boonie mama......"Enough said =o)...Check out my Blog (not the poetry one) I changed it alot!

Man Can said...

My hubby over the recent weeks have pissed me off to no end, and I mean beyond measure. When completing the dinner with a beverage, I think to myself, I should've put a little Shug Avery piss in his lemonade! That'll show him!