Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Podnah, Podnah, Lemee Update Ya!

Sometimes I get so caught up in reading other peoples blogs - I don' t feel like writing for my own. I'm going to try to do a better job of blogging. At least three times a week, maybe : )

Here's what's going on with me.

I have met the one. My future husband. The man of my dreams. BUT he does not have any children, and wants to have a family. I do have a child (who is almost 18) and I do not want to have any more children - ever. Lord, this man is perfect for me, but I don't give a damn about my biological clock. I would smash that bitch with a hammer if I could pull it out. I know it's unfair to expect him not to want a child since he doesn't have one. I know that in my right mind. However, in my other mind I'm thinking of dressing up in baby costumes until he gets over it.
: P

Then there's Mykiddo. She's one month away from graduation. I am one month away from a nervous breakdown. I want her to go/I want her to stay. Jesus help me! I want to be able to have nice things in my house that don't get mysteriously broken. But I also want to be able to snuggle up with her and watch t.v. I need to purchase some back up alcohol to ride this one out on. : )

I'm not even going to speak about school. Let's just say my ass is kicked. Period

Now you're updated!


West said...


Congrats on meeting him. Maybe the baby thing will work out some kind of way.

Good luck and life to all three of you!

Angie said...

West, I don't think so. You can't straddle the fence on the baby thing. You either want one or you don't. And I don't. : )