Monday, April 30, 2007

Enough Just Like I am

So I'm talking with Industrious on the phone Sunday. (The weather was beautiful!) We hashed some things out.....gossiped... and gave each other therapy. Usually when we have these sessions I drink wine, and she drinks coffee. See, that's why she is Industrious, it's all that caffeine. But she's getting it done. I, on the other hand - well after a couple of glasses of wine, am not getting it done. I'm usually foggy and sleepy.

Anyway, Sunday was different. Industrious sipped her coffee as usual, but I was as dry as a bone. No Riesling - just clear blue skies, and one epiphany.


West said...

I'm convinced that breaks, even small ones, can promote growth and reflection.

Either you'll go in a different direction, in the future (i.e. drinking something else or nothing else) or you'll go back to the same old thing (i.e. drinkin' wine during the calls) with a renewed level of appreciation.

Angie said...

LOL West you are absolutely right. I'm not sure which it will be yet. Sometimes it's fine to sip and chat, but on that day I think drinking in my the beautiful day was best. : )