Thursday, April 19, 2007

Chocolate Joy

I need to think about something that gives me joy. Something that makes me feel happy from the bottom up. The thought of my nephew Trey J has the ability to distract me - and make me smile.

As I think about him and the silly things his five year old mind conjures up, I laugh out loud.

He has stepped his cursing game up. He used to say, "What the?!?" He has recently upgraded to "What the heck?!?" and "For crying out loud!". He has countless snappy comebacks and retorts that he's picked up from cartoons. But the funny thing is he doesn't really know what they mean or when he's supposed to use them. So when he didn't want to share a toy with his baby brother, he said, "I wish I would stop mooching off of people!" LOL What the?!?

I wonder why Trey J has such a spell over me? It could be because I see him as the son I'll never have. He's chocolate and such a sweetie, just the type of son I would choose for myself, if I could choose one. Or, it could be his resemblance to his mother when she was a little girl. Maybe I see some of her in him. I am 8 years older than my sister, and I doted on her.

He loves me to pieces too. He likes to hug me with his long thin lanky arms and he tells me he loves me constantly. When I visit he insists on sleeping with me every night. The last time I was at home I turned him upside down and played him like a guitar along with Prince. (Super Bowl, Purple Rain, unforgettable) He loved that. When I send him gifts or write about him he tells my sister, "I like Nanny." I love that.

While I'm away I have to beg Trey J to talk to me on the phone. His interest is hard to keep 900 miles away. I ask him why he doesn't want to talk to me and he feigns a headache. I tell him he's a FAKER! He just laughs and hands the phone off.

I don't know what it is about him - but he's my special. My chocolate joy.


West said...

Yeah. I've fallen in-love with my lil baby cousins time and again. Now many of'em are grown with their own babies. *sigh*

I used to have dreams where they were MY babies.

My cousin, Baby P, is the family's latest darling. He's cute as a button and always grinnin' his cute, fat-cheeked, uni-dimpled face off.

Between that, his "tin man" walk, and his constant attempts to speak, he melts the hearts of every member of the family. Even the haters become appreciaters.

James Burnett said...

When I was single I loved my little nephew...'cause I could take him w/me to the mall as lady bait. Women saw me with a clean, nicely dressed kid and I was in like Flynn. And all it ever cost me was an ice cream cone and a reminder to him to no refer to me as "Uncle James" in front of the pretty girls.

I still love the little bastard, but not as much 'cause I'm married and can't be thinking about mall girls anymore.

I'm kidding, mostly. He's a good kid, and my sister and her husband are great parents. But I do miss that uncle/nephew bonding thing we used to do. Can't wait till I have my own kid to bond with.

Angie said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one obsessing (sp) over a five year old. : )

Cazzie!!! said...

Chocolate Joy sounds like a name for a yummy biscuit :)