Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Serial Dating - You ain't gotta lie Craig !

I met him on the "almost ghetto site". His pics looked okay. Well, the one where he was oiled up and in a stripper pose was questionable but the pickin's are slim, so I gave him a chance anyway.

Let me just say, people tend to say fewer stupid things when their sole mode of communication is typing messages on-line. When they have the opportunity to speak over the telephone the stupidity seems to flow like a river. Maybe if people had time to read and edit their comments before said comments leapt off their lips - the world would be a different place.

To make a long story short - He Lied! And if you all know anything about me, you know I can not abide a liar. (Well, if you didn't know, now ya know.) He lied about his religion. ??? What the hell is that about. If you are inclined to lie about your religion there is a problem. Are you ashamed? Or are you really practicing that religion? Or are you just crazy? I'm thinking you are the latter.

The religion he denied for the length of our first two conversation is Muslim. On the third conversation when I asked him about the church he attends (he identified himself as "Christian" on his profile.) he said he should go to "so & so" classes more but he doesn't. So & so = Islamic words that I am unfamiliar with! So, I questioned him about the so & so classes. He was evasive, and did a semantic dance that pissed me straight off........so I say "Yeah, okay but are you a Muslim?". He answered in the affirmative. What the....! He said He hoped I didn't think ill of him because he didn't tell me sooner. Like it was just a small omission and not an obvious deception. No padnah! I don't think so! I tell him I am offended. He tells me this often happens, and that people have misconceptions about Muslims, and that he is not a terrorist, and that he does not sell bean pies, or wear bow ties. At this point the monkeys in my head are dancing and singing. What?!? I don't think all Muslims are terrorists, or sell bean pies. I don't even know if I care if he sells bean pies or not, as long as he can pay his bills, and I like bow ties on some men.

Him being a Muslim was not the problem. The problem was he lied about being a Christian before "admitting" to being a "practicing Orthodox Sunni Muslim". Both quotations indicate his words, not mine.

I had only one thing to say to him before his dismissal. Assalam alaikum!


TDJ said...

lol @ "Well, the one where he was oiled up and in a stripper pose was questionable but..."

How pitiful to lie about something like religion. It's recipe for a disaster. Did he expect you to fall for him and then say, it's ok you're not actually a Christian, but a Muslim.

Girl, better luck with the next one.

Angie said...

tdj - I know girl. I's hard out here for a serial dater. LOL