Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Grey Goose for Thanksgiving

This month I used half of my bill money to do something very important. I went home to New Orleans for Thanksgiving!

Mykiddo and I drove. Let me restate that. I drove, she rode. The drive takes 14 hours, not including gas, pee, and rest stops. On the way going we the adrenaline was flowing and we were pumped. No one knew we were coming - and we couldn't wait to surprise them. I don't know how we pulled it off. I can't believe we kept it a secret, but it was worth it.

We surprised my sister and her kids first, then my mom and the dog, then Tipsy, my aunts and uncles, and my cousins. I even surprised my ex-husband. (The second one, he and I are good friends, not the first one. If I surprise the first one there will be a pistol involved.) I did all the stuff you do when you go home, eat gumbo, drink various alcoholic beverages, visit the French Quarter, the French Market and Cafe Du Monde.

The trip was just the "fix" I needed. I got enough hugs and kisses from my nephew to last for at least 4 months. My niece was so happy to see us she cried. That warmed my heart. Tipsy is so pregnant! She looks like she's going to pop! I know she can't wait to have a drink. I don't see much breast feeding in her future. LOL

I was flirted with on a daily basis. I love the "act right" I get in the N.O. The men there love a fluffy woman, and they don't mind letting you know you have what it takes. I sure did need that - I wanted to bring some of them back to Ohio with me.

I needed this visit and I'm glad I went. Now, how am I going to pay these bills?


TDJ said...

I'm new to you blog, but I enjoy reading. Sounds like you had a great trip.

And I confess, in advance, to stealng the term "fluffy". *lol*

Angie said...

@tdj: Use it girl! Let's spread the word. Fluffy is hot!

James Burnett said...

Hey Angie, glad to hear you got home for the holiday. Had been sounding like you needed a break and that energy boost that only comes from mingling w/family and old friends.

Glad you got there.

James Burnett said...

BTW, sis, when you gonna add me to your links list? I got faith in ya my friend. That's why I put you on my blogroll a few weeks ago...or hadn't you noticed;>)

Femigog said...

YAY! You made it to the N.O. for the holiday! So did I! Hey aint nuthin wrong with fluffy, them southern boys love a handful of woman!

Angie said...

@ JBurnett - I can't figure out how to add links yet. Yep I'm a computer idiot- but I'm working on it. Yes, I really needed to get home and I had a great time.

@ femigog : hey girl, yep, went home, yep, got holla'd at a bunch! : ) Just the shot in the arm I needed.