Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Dookie Shot

Okay this is how you know what a punk I am for my nephew. We'll call him Trey-J (He has three names beginning with the letter J). There are only four grandchildren in our immediate family and he is the only boy. He is 4 years old and I would do anything for him. I just love me some him. He, on th other hand only talks to me when he feels like it, or wants something. My sister emailed me some pictures she'd shot of the kids. So I'm going through them while we are on the phone. She says to me, "Do you see anything odd yet?" I say, "No not yet".......then I get to it. It looks like some kind of odd thing in water. I say what is this? It looks like pooh...... It was pooh. And I was happy to see it.

Let me explain. The other day my sister and I were talking on the phone and she was amazed by the size of Trey-J's poop. (He's very skinny, where does it all fit ?) She said she should take a picture of it. I didn't think much of it. But upon seeing it I have to tell you it was huge! And it made me feel like I was home. Close enough to share in the pooh-pooh adventures of my Trey-J. I have to tell you I'm not interested in viewing anyone else's shit. So don't send me any turd shots.

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