Friday, May 19, 2006

Pregnant! Lord Have Mercy.....

Tipsy and I have known each other for some 25 years. We have been acquaintances, classmates, Drum Major/Dance Team Member, close friends, room mates and best friends. The best friend part has lasted through school, failed relationships and marriages, a child (me, not her), diets, spats, make-ups, big fall outs and new marriages. Our friendship has changed and grown over the years. We are like an old married couple now. We know each other in and out, through and through. We have settled into a groove, and even made room for each other to make new friends and wed new husbands (her, not me). About four months ago Tipsy got married. I was ecstatic. One of us made it! She married a long time friend. He is a good man and they really love each other. Best of all, he does not get in OUR way. He lets us have our phone time (hours on end), and he accepts that we are sort of a package deal. With that said, I have accepted hubby, and I thought we were heading forward smoothly into marital bliss.....

It's Tuesday morning. I'm at work. I take a break and open an email from Tipsy. The emails subject is "First Response". I should have just deleted it! Do you see where this is going? Long story short, this wench is pregnant! What the hell! No way! Do you know how old we are?

When I was pregnant with My-Kiddo Tipsy was in college. We were 90 miles away from each other, but we talked all of the time. She got to hear all of the details. When My-Kiddo was a tot Tipsy was in and out, and here and there. More here than not, no matter where she lived. And as My-Kiddo grew into a young lady Tipsy took on an active role in her life, and they became buddies. Tipsy is the perfect "buddy" for a kid. She's short, petite and she tells silly jokes. Tipsy has taken on an advisor and mentor role to My-Kiddo during these teen years. Which has been cool with me. She's a good helper and she doesn't butt in too far. I thought this was enough for her. Sure we've joked about her having an imaginary baby, but everyone knows Tipsy is not a "baby" chick. After all, I've been called over during her one of two babysitting attempts that went sour. I saw this with my own eyes. Well, I'll be damned if Tipsy isn't pregnant.

What do we do now? Do we take this baby on our "40 Party Cruise" ? Do we feed it Ensure or Pediasure? Can I give it a Percocet? Will I be able to hear it cry over my C-Pap machine? (That's a story for another day) And will Tipsy be able to go nine months with out a glass of wine, a bottle of beer, or a margarita? I mean her name is "Tipsy," you do the math. Anyway, I'm so tickled I don't know what to do. No, really, I don't know what to do. I don't remember what to do. LOL But, I can't wait. I can't wait to see what she's going to do with her own "kiddo". This is going to be fun! Plus, I get to enjoy the new baby scent and then bring him/her home.

I have a feeling this is going to be the longest nine months of my life. LOL I'll keep you posted.

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