Monday, May 22, 2006

Monday Morning Regrets

Okay, I have a thing about germs and dirty stuff being against my skin. That is the answer to why I would take the dressing and splint off without my doctors permission. I was supposed to keep it on for two weeks. I only made it through one week. I's a shame. And I feel really bad. You know that feeling you get when you have done something really stupid? So stupid that others have advised you not to do it, and at the time you agreed with them, and said you wouldn't do it. THEN you did it anyway. Now my wrist hurts. My stitches hurt. I'm scared. I'm an idiot.

I left a message with the docs office exlpaining my situation (lying). I sounded like a stupid rambling fool,....."dressing ...wet....stitches me back....sorry....blah blah blah."

Now I'm just sitting here waiting for the verdict. "Come in to the office idiot..... "

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