Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Make it Clap for Me!!!!

Everybody wants to feel valued and understood. Some of us need it more than others. I think they call it "high maintenance." I need my gifts and talents acknowledged on a regular basis.....always have. When I don't get that "stroke", I start to feel kinda antsy. Not in a nervous way, in a "let me do this trick in front of a new audience kind of way."  I'm a sucker for applause, what can I say.

Well my present audience members care more about getting their shitty diapers changed, having clean uniforms for work, and living  with their boyfriends. Baby Beaux, Mr. Angie, and MyKiddo.

 Well yesterday a friend of mine clapped for me. He was entertained by something I wrote and he texted me to say so. That one atta-girl helped me remember I'm more than a diaper changer, a uniform washer etc.

Thank you Lone have always managed to remind me of who I am.

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MO said...

Humans gotta get what they need from where ever to survive.