Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ready? Set? Go!

I'm ready to go home. For a while I never thought I'd say that.

I moved here three years and eleven months ago. Immediately, I fell in love with the away -from-home-ness of it and the unfamiliar weather. The coldish people and the bland food took a little longer to grow on me. The expanse of the unfamiliar gave me room to grow. Room to think. I've heard myself think more in the last four years than I have my whole life. I was free to open up to new thinking, new ideas, and to freedom.

I had no excuses. There was nothing and no one standing in the way of me creating the life I want for myself. So, that's what I did.

I erected a new life for Angie. I catered to myself. I made a peaceful and serene space for my self. I read. I went to school. I connected with a friend/mentor/therapist/guide. I sent my baby back out into creation to test her 18 year old wings. I made new friends and I made friends with myself. I got sick and I healed more than a few times. I reconnected with God in a way that I never thought possible. I forgave my demons and laid them to rest.

Now it's time for the next step, the next breath, the next adventure, the next joy, the next lesson.

I feel much the way I did when it was time to move four years ago. Anxious. Excited. Hopeful and ready. I'm preparing for my next season so I'll be set and I'll go.


Anonymous said...

I stumbled on your blog and was fascinated by your intent to move back to New Orleans despite the myriad challenges that continue to exist there. Interestingly, I have a friend who is at a crossroads right now, contemplating exactly the same thing. She's a lawyer who has had an abiding interest in reaching out and giving back to our community. A firm believer that if we don't do for ourselves nobody else will. Anyway, would like to pick your brain some more on this, if I can. I can be contacted at


Anonymous said...

That was a great post! I still don't want you to go :( Guess who.