Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Happy Blog-Aversary To Meee!

There's one thing in particular this anniversary has made me realize. Time passes by so freakin' fast!

It's already May! How can that be? It was just January! What the hell is going on ?

When I was a little girl time seemed to pass so slowly. I couldn't wait to grow up. I wanted to be my own woman and do my own thing. Couldn't wait to be on my own. The years just seemed to crawl by, as slow as a snail. As I got older they began to speed up. My teen years went by like a slow trotting pony. I still didn't feel like that was fast enough. The pace started to pick up in my late twenties. It went by at the speed you drive in a school zone, not the 20 mph your supposed to do, but the 25-30 mph that you really do. Now that I'm forty, Lord have mercy! Time is now going by so fast - I don't even see it. It must be moving at the speed of light, or that mach speed they used to talk about on Star Trek.

There are so many things that I want to do. Places I want to go. Foods that I want to taste. Smells that I want to smell. So many things I want to share. People I want to love. Love I want to make. And so little time.

So, I need to get my hustle on. I'm going to pick 5 things I want to do by this time next year. And just do them! Do them one by one, or two at a time, but do them. Let's see now....

1. I want to go to a winery here in Ohio.
2. I want to go to New York and see a Broadway play.
3. I want to volunteer to read to kids.
4. I want to go to stay in a cabin in the mountains, near a lake.
5. I want to learn to speak Spanish.

Okay, I need you guys to keep me accountable for working on this list. Maybe you have some ideas that can contribute my getting them done. Know a place in the mountains? I'm open for suggestions and free stuff (especially the Broadway play tickets).

Seriously, I'm going to work harder to focus on the moments in my life. I'll take in the now more. Maybe that way time won't go by so fast.


Femigog said...

yay! happy blog-aversary!!!! woo hoo

West said...

Sounds like a great idea. They may still be fast, but that's fine when they're fruitful, as well.

Happy "Blog-Aversary."

TDJ said...

Happy happy Angie! I have also decided to learn Spanish this year (2007). Haven't made it far, but when work slows down this summer, I'm jumping in.

Angie said...

Thank you Femi!!! I'm thinking of posting my pic on my blog, and you are the inspiration! You smile with your whole face. Loves it!

West you're right they probably will still fly by....but I'm working on makeing it count.

Okay tdj, we'll both start this summer! Then we can write notes in Spanish!

Tay Lin said...

I agree with West time will fly regardless but at least you can fill in the times with great memories.