Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday Mourning

I like to sleep. No, I love to sleep. Cat naps, long naps, hibernation - sleep in any form is good. With that said, I need to file some type of complaint about my damn loss of an hour of the thing I love most. Sleep. I'm sure some white person who works 2 hours, 2 days a week - came up with this day light savings time shit! I wish I see his ass. I will bite the shit out of him! I want to go to sleep so bad.

Of course I was late to the Plantation. But, I am here. I thought about calling off- but I did not. Not because I am a good employee/slave, but because I don't have even one hour of PTO, and I am B. R.O.K.E. I must work the 80 hours necessary to remain broke, but not homeless. However, work-wife, partner in crime, naive white lady co-worker called off today. So, I'm on the only field hand on the Plantation. Not good. The contact in my left eye is doing this thing where it slides up to the top of my eyeball at 7 minute intervals. I'm as blind as a bat without my contacts. Guess what I feel compelled to do when I can't see clearly? Go to effen sleep!

I have a sociology final tomorrow that I intended to study for on the sly (covered for by work-wife, partner in crime, naive white lady co-worker). This plan has been shot to hell by her absence and the floating contact problem. I sit an "L" shaped desk here on the Plantation. I'm toying with the idea of crawling underneath it, and taking a short nap in the crook of the "L." If I could find a way not to snore I would do it. I promise I would. Since I am unable to control my loud snoring(usually accompanied by snorting and moaning) I'll try not to get underneath the desk.

Maybe I could just lie down in the middle of the floor and pretend I've passed out. I could say, upon being awakened by the Overseer, "I must have passed out, and then fallen asleep. I promise I'll get that checked out." I'm sure this plan won't look so good in retrospect, but right now it looks pretty good.

Good night.


West said...

Good luck getting that hour back.

Of course, you could just go to bed earlier (which sounds like it would suit you) but I'm fond of the power nap, m'self.

I take a 15 minute break in my vehicle, use a pillow and something to cover my eyes and I sleep HARD. Afterward, I wake up surprisingly refreshed.

And when the urge is REALLY STRONG, I pass on eating at lunch and just sleep the whole hour away. Then, I eat at my desk.

This is sometimes a must for someone like me who's on sleep-inducing allergy meds so often.

It might be worth a shot for you.

Angie said...

West - I get pissed off if I can only sleep for 15 minutes, but it's better than nothing. Don't you just love sleep inducing meds?!? I do. : )

West said...

It sucks when you're under the influence of those meds, at work. There are few things more annoying than wanting to sleep and not being able to.

Cazzie!!! said...

Oh man, we are all so in the RED when it comes to sleep arent we? No matter how many granny naps we take we just won't ever make it all up.
Hence the name of my blog I Don't Do Mornings!!! Well, after 4 kids and countless years working as a nurse I can safely say I am deep into the RED here.
Sociology hey...I had to take that as part of my Health Sciences Degree years ago.

Angie said...

Welcome Cazzie! Granny Naps? LOL