Saturday, May 06, 2006

Working On The Weekend Blows!

I sure hate working on Saturdays! So I mix it up a, read, working, blog... you get the picture.

Anywhoo. Here's the list of sh%##y things that occurred this week.

1. O.B. (my car) began overheating every 2.5 minutes.
2. It's going to cost 433.32 to repair O.B.
3. Frankie (my dog) has a cataract in his left eye.
4. It will cost 3,000. 00 to remove the cataract. Frankie will either be getting a job or a cane.
5. I withdrew from my classes because I'm behind and can't catch up, and I'm nuts.
6. I had pre-admission testing for orthopedic wrist surgery I'm having next week. Splinted up for two weeks!
7. I have to work Saturday and Sunday.

Here's a list of good things that happened this week.

1. I learned to put water in my radiator every 2.5 minutes.
2. I'm going to have the money to get the car repaired.
3. My advisor was very helpful.
4. I woke up everyday.

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